“Where do I even begin…Our journey started with So-IN Weimaraner’s when I was shown a picture of Gunner from a family in Noblesville. We weren’t exactly in the process of looking for a puppy at that time…But I contacted the Owen’s when they were raising their first litter anyway. Marianne took great patience and dedication by allowing me to follow the process and prepare us for the fall 2019 Litter. Mind you I did not know what I was getting in to. I came for a dog and got a lifetime of knowledge, inspiration and newfound dedication and passion for this breed. They are first and foremost family driven and we appreciated that more than anything. They do not settle for anything and strive to provide the absolute best for their animals. They are very well versed on the breed itself and all affiliate organizations. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more approachable and caring family in the breeding world than the Owen’s. In 8 short weeks I learned and grew as much as So-IN Weimaraner’s “Groot” did. The Kennel and facilities they have for their puppies are comfortable, clean and spacious. It was an eye opening experience and a privilege to visit and see what a premiere breeder looks like. No corners cut here…Organized, prepared, and ALWAYS responds to questions and comments. They are true to their word and believe in accountability and I appreciate that quite a bit. It was an honor to visit and witness a kennel run with care and love for their dogs. So-IN Weimaraner’s is the GOLD STANDARD for breeding and continuing to protect the health and well being of their lines. Thank you for the honor to meet you and for the blessing you gave our family. We look forward to watching SO-IN Weimaraner’s grow!”

Kyle Holt-Indiana

“I can’t say enough about Marianne and Scott, they do such a wonderful job! From the time I started inquiring about a puppy to the day I picked him up and even in the days after they have always been there to answer any questions or provide any information. My vet, who has been taking care of pets for my entire family for more than 25 years was very impressed with the job that they have done and the information that they provided, ‘they clearly love their dogs’, he said.”

Gene Kaufman- Indiana

“Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found So-IN Weimaraner’s! The love and dedication Marianne puts into each and every one of her pups is amazing. If you’ve decided that a Weimaraner is a good fit for your family, then do yourself a favor and look into this plae. Marianne and Scott were great to work with, and any questions I had were answered (I had a lot since I have never gone through a breeder before.) It was so nice seeing daily updates of our pup from birth all the way to pick up day. We’ve had our boy Wilco for almost a week now, and Marianne has checked in with us to see how he’s doing. They truly care about their pups, and I’m confident if I ever needed anything with Wilco, they’d be right there to help! To Marianne and Scott, Thank you again for this experience and for giving us the most perfect little boy!!.”

Sarah Shannon- Indiana

“Beyond Amazing! Loved the continuous updates and all the pictures. So much care, time and love Marianne Puts into these puppies. We couldn’t be more happy with our decision to get a puppy from her. She’s always checking in on the puppy making sure everyone is adjusting fine, and is available for questions and concerns that may come up. You can tell she has a passion for this and she does an amazing job!”

Katie Brown-Ohio

“Working with Marianne and Family was an amazing experience. Marianne sent out mutiple daily pictures and video updates! It was so reassuring to us that she puts her heart and soul into her dogs. All of Marianne’s dogs are family and she offers honest and lifelong support for all of her dogs. Marianne is so loving and caring and we are known as family to her as well! Our family had a wonderful time meeting all of her dogs. The day we picked up our gorgeous, sweet male puppy is a day I will never forget. Momma Oakley is an angel and such a great mommy. Daddy Gunner was so sweet and handsome. We drove 7hrs home with our new puppy and he did wonderful in the car. He looked out the window and also snuggled right in and slept. Once we got him home he felt so comfortable. He loved our entire Family immediately. His personality is simply amazing! Marianne and Family did such a wonderful job giving him new experiences daily. He is very different from our first weim and in the best way. I would purchase again from Marianne without hesitation, if we ever decide to add to our family. She is an amazing person and breeder. Marianne truly cares about you and your entire family and matches you up with the most amazing and healthy puppy. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Marianne and Family! Such great people!

Linda Dilger-Wisconsin

“When we decided it was time for a dog and felt weims was our choice of breed, we talked to several breeders. We did our research so when we did talk with Marianne (after about a 4 and a half month search) ….we both just knew her breeding program was beyond acceptable…She has a wealth of knowledge and is supportive from the beginning questions to getting the puppy home to you! And for his entire life. You can read all the reviews and wonder if it is the real deal…well it is!!! There is an old saying “you get what you pay for” Well we are happy beyond words!! Our guy is so sweet, calm and loving. He is a typical bundle of energy and eager to learn. Marianne loves her dogs and puppies with everything she has…you cannot go wrong with SO-IN Weimaraner’s!”

Jan and Dick Ferguson-Missouri

“I just got Boone today. This has been a wonderful experience since the day I applied for a pup. Before I even made the decision this family opened up their home for me to come meet Gunner and Oakley the parents to my pup. They have always been patient and answered every question I have. They are excellent breeders and care for the dogs and the families they go home to. I cannot recommend SO-IN Weimaraner’s enough! From the day the pups are born till the day they come home they keep you updated on how they are doing and post pics all the time. They offer a lifetime of support and training and that means everything to me! It’s one big family and if you are ever wanting a Weimaraner I encourage you to check them out!”

Julie Rothrock-Indiana

“I looked at multiple breeders before selecting SO-IN Weimaraner’s. Marianne checked off all the boxes I was looking for. Gunner has the build and drive of a top hunting dog while Oakley is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. The puppies are raised in a home enviroment with their two young girls and treated as members of the family; which was very important to me. Marianne posts pictures and video updates all while taking excellent care to make sure the entire litter is healthy and happy. I would absolutely recommend getting one of SO-IN Weimaraner’s Puppies!”

Jason Smith- Ohio

“”We are so happy of course with our new pups (2 boys) but also with the professionalism, helpfulness and hearts of Marianne and her family as our breeder. She goes above and beyond, making sure we have what we need to be successful parents to these beautiful boys and also plans for the future. I felt so comfortable with the whole process and anything that might come up. Highly recommend So-IN Weimaraner’s.”

Rachel Fraze- Indiana

“We just got our adorable blue Weimaraner Denzer from SO-IN Weimaraner’s. I cannot recommend them enough! Amazing breeders, that REALLY care for all their dogs. We had a great experience, and will continue to do so, as they offer lifetime support and training of all their pups. If you are looking for a new fur baby for the family, or an amazing line for hunting/performance you won’t be disappointed with looking here.’

April Mobley- Indiana

“We cannot recommend O-IN Weimaraner’s enough. From when we first inquired about a Weimaraner from them, they were very informative and welcoming. The doggie parents are their family pets and are loved like any of us love our pets, and this carries over to the puppies as well before they go to their forever home.If felt as if we were part of the family from when the puppies were born, as we received updates daily on how the pups were and what they were up to. This was great to see and it became very transparent how great of a decision we had made going with SO-IN Weimaraner’s. Scooter came home more prepared for his new home than we could imagine, already partially crate, leash, and potty trained. He was exposed to all sorts of daily occurances so it made his transition smoother, especially with a cat at home as well. We are very thankful for SO-IN Weimaraner’s and we look forward to reuniting with Scooters siblings, parents, and the rest of the SO-IN Family in the near future!”

Derek Strominger- Ohio

“I am in absolute shock at the care, organization, attention to detail, and love and support that is put into these puppies in the beginning and for the rest of their lives. This is by far the most wonderful breeder and most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Can’t wait for the future that is to come with our puppy and them!”

Esther Howard Benetiz-Kentucky

“We could not be more pleased with this whole process. Our family suffered a great loss when our almost 14 year old weim had to be put down due to health issues. This led me on the hunt for a reputable breeder who would understand what I was looking for in another weim. After initially speaking to Marianne and checking reviews and feedback from clients, I knew God had placed her in my path because she was THE one I wanted. We placed our deposit down and the wait began. We were informed from Day 1 and Marianne continued to give updates as the pregnancy progressed. When the babies were finally here, we received several updates and videos daily so that we, as well as other families, were able to see everything that was happening. We were always invited to come up and check out pups in person, but as we are 6 hours away, we opted to wait. We could not speak more highly of how SO-IN Weimaraner’s runs their program. The facilities are incredible! She explains everything and is always available if I have questions or concerns. And she offers free training — what more could a person ask for. You can tell that Marianne truly puts her heart and soul into her dogs and it shows 110%! Our precious girl has the sweetest disposition and she is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much, SO-IN Weimaraner’s!”

Amy Bennington-Tennessee

“As you read these reviews you will see the same words over and over. Amazing…caring…compassion. We can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience we have had. We felt as if we got to know all the puppies, parents and personalities. The communication was outstanding, keeping us up to date on growth and health updates. We are so grateful that our lives have crossed. We are so blessed to have met So-IN Weimaraner’s Family. Marianne and Scott have a true passion for the breed. We can’t wait for the days ahead at camp and our farm with Moxie. Thank you for everything! Honestly it couldn’t have been a better experience.”

Tamara Fuller-West Virgina

“SO-IN Weims is by far the absolute best breeders that we have researched. They have put so much love, attention to detail, and care into their weims that is unrivaled by any other breeder. The whole experience has been so informative from the very beginning and they have surpassed all of our expectations. Communication was outstanding, we knew what was going on with our pups every step of the way. All of  our questions and concerns were answered in an extremely timely manner at all times. We felt like we knew the family before we ever picked up the puppies and they will be there for us throughout our weims lives. You absolutely cannot go wrong with SO-IN Weimaraner’s, come join us in this growing weim family!  .”

Sharon Bernius- Tennessee

“Oh my gosh! Where do I start? The constant videos/pictures, well documented shot/weight records, and overall professional manner are top notch! Best little lady, sweetest disposition, and overall picture perfect health proves that these pups are well loved and members of the family. Thinking about getting a Weimer? This is the place to go.”

Bill Suman-Pennsylvania

“We loved working with So-IN Weimaraner’s! They were awesome at communicating, and we truly enjoyed every update on the puppies. Would highly recommend them, as we had a terrific experience.”

Kristi Brady- Michigan

“We had an amazing experience! We got picture/video/etc updates since birth! Felt like we already knew our baby’s personality before we even picked him up. They are very knowledgeable & really care about the well-beings of their puppies before and after they are in their forever homes.” 

Jason Smith-Georgia

“So-IN Weimaraner’s produces top notch dogs. The process has been very easy and they have kept us updated with pictures and dog weights from birth to pick up at 8 weeks! We couldn’t be more happy with our blue male, 100% recommend this breeder!”

Will Cornett-Ohio

“SO-IN Weimaraner’s is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. Marianne and Scott know what they are doing for sure! They put so much time, hard work, dedication and love into all of their Weimaraner’s. Any time I had questions or concerns, they were sure to get back to me within a short amount of time. All the information that I needed on my puppy, they had put it into the puppy care packet at the time I picked her up. I believe they are a 1 of a kind breeder. They welcomed my family graciously to come pick up our little girl. Everything they provided us exceeds standard’s! ” I am in high hopes that when we decide on another weimaraner in the future that we can experience another SO-IN Weimaraner. Thank you Scott and Marianne for the great service you provided us. We are so in love with our precious little girl! She is simply amazing!”

Ashlee Belcher- Illinois

“This whole experience with So-IN Weimaraner’s has been amazing!! They answered all of my questions and the care they put into all of their animals is amazing!! I myself am a breeder so pay attention to all the details, just like I would with my own and would recommend anyone looking for a weim to check out SO-IN Weimaraner’s!! We are so happy with our new addition to our weim family!!”

Sammi Bonnell-Michigan

“The care and compassion they put into their Weimaraner’s is beyond amazing! Their dogs are of the best quality in temperament, ability, and intelligence. The Owen’s have worked tirelessly to be able to offer the best in silver and blue Weimaraner’s.”

Debra Mcdole-Indiana

“10/10 stars. If you want a breeder who will care for your dog and love your dog as do you than this is the breeder for you. She is a big advocate for the breed and cares very much about what she does. On top of that, she was very transparent throughout this whole process, which when dealing with breeders this was extremely important to us. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We love our pup!.”

Jessica Kowalski-Ohio

“Great breeder’s. answered any and all questions I had, typically in minutes, they also have a great knowledge and love for the breed!”

Randy Johnson-Ohio

“Great family to buy a weim from! Always updating and checking in on the pup and great with advice.”

Shelby Kearschner-Indiana

“Everything we looked for in an ideal breeding situation and more. A loving home, family friendly (family pets), kids, cats, room to run and experiment with gangly puppy legs! I can’t recommend them enough! If my husband would let me, I would adopt another! Mom and dad have awesome personalities-our Ophelia has the BEST disposition-we are so in love with her. I can’t thank Marianne and her family enough for the care, love and devotion they have-not just for the breed-but for all her weim line…”

Shelley Stokes-Washington DC

“We recently bred our female weim to SO-IN Weimaraner’s stud “Gunnar”. Marianne and Scott were both extremely kind and you can tell they care deeply about their animals. They offered that same care to our girl Olivia while she was there and kept us updated with daily pictures and videos. Our girl was well cared for and clearly enjoyed her stay. We couldn’t be happier with our 6 beautiful new pups. They’re all strong, healthy and full of personality. Gunnar is an outstanding stud and we couldn’t be happier that we got the opportunity to use him! So happy that one of his daughters will spend her life here with us. Can’t wait to see his success in the field and we highly recommend SO-IN Weims if you want a top quality, family raised puppy.”

Phil Hoff-Florida

“Marianne is one of those breeders that you know would rather keep the puppies than give them to a bad home. She was very informative with weights an pictures as the puppies grow and very responsive to any questions you may have through the process. Our two babies are perfect. Thank you for being a responsible breeder that loves the babies and has a passion for the wonderful breed.”

Amy Hall-Illinois